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UTS10BI - Doubling up circuts

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Joseph , 8/28/2015 7:50 PM
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UTS10BI - Doubling up circuts

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  • I am in the process of installing a UTS10BI and have seen some postings regarding "doubling up" low-usage circuits. I have a few low usage circuits (mainly lights) that I would like to combine on one of the UTS circuits. Is this doable and if so how would the wiring look?

    Thank oyu for your time.

  • I would very interested in an official response from Schneider on this question.

  • I need to ask what is meant by "doubling up" circuits? The UTS can ONLY have a one-to-one connection of each input connection to a circuit breaker (in other words, for a UTS10BI, circuits 1 - 8 each to a 120V single pole breaker and circuits 9 and 10 to each pole of one 240V double pole breaker, exactly as shown on the UTS wiring diagram), and the output connections only connected to a load circuit, where the load circuit's current and wire size are appropriate for the UTS's circuit capacity and the circuit breaker in the panel feeding the respective UTS input (think local and National Electrical Codes here).

    If you rewire your circuits by disconnecting the wire from multiple "low-usage" circuit breakers in your breaker panel and connecting them to a single UTS output, this is obviously a permanent change to your (home's) wiring. Again, consider the resulting circuit's current and wire size(s), and adhere to electrical codes.

    NEVER DO IT!!! (don't even THINK about doing it!)-- if "doubling up" means connecting more than one circuit breaker to a single UTS input, or connecting an output of the UTS to ANY other source of power or other powered circuit. I can't think of any other configuration that could be considered "doubling up".

    There is NO way to wire the UTS to provide a back-up feature to any circuits that are NOT supplied by circuit breakers connected to the UTS inputs as shown on the UTS wiring diagram.

    If you are not familiar with electrical codes or how transfer switches work you should consult with a qualified electrician about making changes to your UTS installation. Very, very bad things can happen if you do something wrong!

    DISCLAIMER: I am an owner of a UTS, not associated with APC, and NOT recommending anyone make the wiring changes described above.

  • Hi,

    The below information in bold is from the installation guide

    Safety Precautions:

    • Adhere to all national and local electrical codes when installing, configuring and operating the UTS.

    • Installation of the UTS must be performed by a licensed electrician.

    Any configuration that does not meet national and local code will void any warranty. 

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