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Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Andy , 3/26/2015 5:44 PM
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  • hI all, I am interested in buying the above for my off grid cabin. I am not sure if I understand usage correctly. We have no power at this location. We run strictly on propane generator only. Our usage is 4200 watts per day on a high usage event and usually much lower most often.  Can I program UTS6 to run critical loads and turn off non critical loads automatic when generator is at its full load? What happens when cabin is shut down, no power being generated for an extended time, will the UTS6 lose its program?

    Thanks, Andy

  • Hi Andy,

    The UTS6 is programmable to shed loads, the manual below can explain that further:


    With that being said, I am not too sure if this would be the best unit for your application.  The memory is powered by a capacitor, which over long periods of no charge and use, can lose its settings (whether it be a few weeks or a few months - it is not something we have tested).  These settings are pretty simple to configure however should you lose them from not powering the UTS for long periods of time.


  • Hi Andy,

    The UTS series is, first of all, a transfer switch, meaning it isolates a utility (primary) power source from a backup (secondary) power source, while allowing you to provide power to your loads from the optimum source. Since your cabin is "off-grid", you have NO utility power source to connect or isolate. This could suggest the UTS (or any transfer switch) is not the correct solution for you. However, of interest to you, when supplying power from a backup power source the UTS also provides automatic load shedding, maintaining power to high priority circuits while turning off user-selected (lower priority) circuit(s) as needed to limit the load on the generator to a user-set power level. Beyond simply dumping any low priority loads, the intelligence of the UTS can also set limits for how long a particular circuit can be turned off and the shortest period it must be turned on in the load shed process. With state of the art technology, these settings are stored in (most probably) flash memory for virtually unlimited retention without power.

    While other users in this forum have reported using a UTS6 with its 240 volt generator input connected to 120 volt generators by using non-standard wiring to connect both "legs" of the 240 volt input on the UTS to the single leg on the generator, you might consider the UTS6H which would connect to, and make available the full power of your Honda 3000I (which I understand to be a 120 volt 25 amp generator) exactly as intended.

    AFTER typing the preceding paragraph, I remembered reading that the UTS series is no longer manufactured with front panel mounted generator input connectors, and found that the APC web site no longer lists the UTS6H (with or without it's 120 volt 30 amp connector), but DOES indicate the UTS6 has a 240 volt, 20 amp connector. I suspect you can still find all the variations of the UTS6 through the many retail sources.

    One more thing to consider is the operating temperature range. If your cabin experiences below zero temperatures, the UTS specifies a low temperature limit of -13F, so you may need to warm up the cabin before the UTS can function!

    I hope this is helpful.


  • Wayne, thanks for info. Great help. Maybe wrong application for our use.

  • Sorry to hear that. Except for the possible temperature issue (and I expect ANY "intelligent" automatic transfer switch to have similar temperature limits), I'm not sure you can find anything better! I'd be interested to find out what you decide. And just in case you are wondering, I am NOT employed by APC or anyone who has anything to do with their products...


  • Wayne, It may work, I just am not sure yet. I thought this would be a better route than going full solar. My thinking is to down size current generator from 5.5kw to Honda EU300 inverter. And with the APC control my loads. How hard is it to program? I guess if programs lost due to no power for a few weeks and it's a simple set up, than that's not bad. 

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