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UTS6H L14-30 Hardwire Kit - That's It?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Jon , 11/1/2013 5:09 PM
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Posted in: General

UTS6H L14-30 Hardwire Kit - That's It?

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  • faktor

    Hi Angela,

    Do you happen to know why the UTSHW kit appears to require UF cable? What is the reason for not allowing NM-B cable if the cable that connects to the APC switch does not need to run outside?



  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi Mark,

    I checked in on this and was told:

    UF is rated for outdoor use and wet areas, where as the NM-B is rated for internal use only. The hardwire kit indicates using UF because we are attempting to have our customers mount the generator inlet connection outside the dwelling and away from any potential living area, to eliminate any potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • faktor

    Thanks Angela. UF makes sense for outside applications. I just wanted to make sure that there is no requirement to have UF running into the APC panel and sounds like there is not and NM-B would work just fine.


  • hooyapejka

    Hi all,

    I think I've figured out I need a UTS6H  because I have no 20 AMP 240 circuits in my house as someone on this site pointed out. 

    I want to have an L14-30 male connection on the outside of the house to run to my generator that has an L14-30 female connection via a single cable.

    All I need is the APC L14-30 hardwire kit and a L14-30 male connector for the outside of the house and I'm good to go?  No extra wire(s) etc.?  With this set up I'll never use the other male connection that's on front of the UTS6H panel - is that correct?

    I also want to add a natural gas line to the out side to run my generator off of with a Tri-Fuel conversion kit (Briggs and Stratton Elite 5500 modeL: 30209) I have been looking at what it takes to do all this but, any hints or do's and don't's from people with experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any answers and advice.

  • ipicKedawinna

    If you'd like to connect via an L14-30, you'll want to look at UTS6. It requires 240VAC input (using two of your 120VAC circuits) but only outputs 120VAC. UTS6H is 120V in/out. And yes, UTSHW is the hardwire kit.

    I don't have any experience/input on the gas line though.

  • hooyapejka


    Thanks for the reply.

    Is there only one "UTSHW" hardwire kit?  Why I ask is that some vendors precede the "UTSHW" with a number that seems to designate it as for L14-30 or L5-30.  Is there only one kit and you add the appropriate connection box  (L14-30 or L5-30) for one's particular generator?


  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi again. The UTSHW kit comes with the wires for either connection and the instructions let you know which wires to use/not use for a particular installation.

  • hooyapejka

    Thanks Angela.

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