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Checking for warranty status

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Larry , 23 days ago
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Checking for warranty status

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  • There used to be - or so I thought - an APC web page that would let you know if your UPS had been registered.

    That page seems to have disappeared and a rather generic page that describes how to "read" the serial number as pertains to warranty.

    So the question I have is:  How can I check to see if someone at a client site registered a device without letting me know?

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    Hi Larry

    I'm not completely knowledgeable when it comes to the warranty registration side of things.

    As you have to log in to our website to an account to register your product, you would only be able to check products that you've registered (unless you have your clients account information).

    Our customer care team should be able to tell you if a certain serial number has been registered without breaching any data protection laws.

    How to Contact APC - APC USA



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