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Best Pactices After Shutting Down PC

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by apcbx650li-ms , 9/26/2020 9:34 PM
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Best Pactices After Shutting Down PC

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  • I have an APC BX650LI-MS UPS. Whenever I shutdown my computer, I turn it off and unplug it. Will this prolong the battery life while saving electricity costs? If not, what's better? I've googled for it but there's so many mixed answers. Thanks.

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    There isn't really a best practice, yes unplugging the unit when your not using your computer will prevent any electrical issue from damaging the UPS and it will stop the unit going to battery mode when the power is out but the computer is not on. (and it will stop the annoying beep)

    On the other hand, the UPS is designed to protect the computer, the UPS is the "expendable" part, the Back-UPS range is super efficient when the mains power is connected and working, it essentially does nothing apart from monitor the mains to make sure it still there, (not like the bigger units that constantly have their inverter on).

    I would be of the opinion that the battery life is not impacted either way, if it's plugged in the battery will not be charging but if it's unplugged for any period of time the charger might need to kick in for a second or two to replace any lost charge, so it probably works out the same. 

    So it's personal preference


  • I own three APC UPS and my rule of thumb is that when I'm ready to call it a day I switch off all the devices, then I turn off the UPS from it's on/off switch and finally I turn off the utility power.

    Incidentally today I connected the oldest one to PowerChute and battery charge was 100% so it seems the battery is still working fine.

    I never had any issues with this but there's no written rule on how to maximise battery life or improve electricity costs.

  • Well, i also have that, I saved a lot when I plug it off after I'm done using it.  The Justice Project

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