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UPS ES 550 electrical power down no report

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Marcel , 6/11/2020 11:41 PM
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Posted in: General

UPS ES 550 electrical power down no report

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  • Pile

    Hi, since you don't have french forum, I will tried to explain my problem in English has much that I can. 

    I have a BACK-UP UPS ES 550G, and when a electrical power failure occur, the system does not hold the power to the computer and others attach instruments to it. Everything shutdown on the electrical power failure. I have install the software PowerChute Personal Edition 3.1.0 that tell's me that everything is working fine. Although that I have a electrical power failure for more than an hour and half, it that not report that failure or anyother failures for that matter. The software inform me that the battery is at 82% and charging. The electrical power is at 124 volts. The software does not permit me to do a power test with the Back-UP system. I have done a Brain dead test, and it did not solve the problem. 

    Could you please give me more information on this problem so that I may know what is the problem with with this tool. 

    I thank you for your support on this matter. 

  • APC_Gavan

    Hi Marcel,

    The first thing to check is that your devices are connected to correct outlets, on that unit some of the sockets are surge protection only and some are surge and backup power.

    Another thing to check would be the load is not above what the device is rated for, you can test thing by only connecting something with a low power usage to the unit and unplugging it from the mains, something like a phone charger and seeing if it maintains that load.


  • Pile

    Hi Gavan, thank you for your reply.

    There are 4 devices connected to the outlets. Three of them on the surge and back-up power, the computer, the modem and the screen and one on the surge only, the speakers use only a low power. 

    When there is a electrical power shut down, the unit would provide power to the devices for at least an half hour. It does not do that anymore. The unit provide electrical power in the same way that the devices would be plugs into an outlet. So if there is a power failure, the unit would not provide the power to the units and when the electrical power comes back, everything works fine. In other words, having this unit to provide power back-up and the surge, since it does not work anymore, it's like not having it at all. I have done a reset to it, but that did not change anything. 

    Surprisingly, the software does not give the right report on the usage of the unit. Actually, it gives a report like if everything is working fine. There doesn't seem to have a battery charge-up problem because the light near the power push-button is green. There is a constant beep when a electrical power shut-down occur. 

    Hopefully, you would be able to help me with this problem, I thank you for your support.

    Best regards,


  • Pile

    Well, it's seems that I will not get help with this problem. Can someone at least tell me who I should see to see what is wrong with this unit. My last post is of the 14th of June. No follow up since then. 

  • wpasquil


    On 6/16/2020 12:13 PM, Marcel said:

    There is a constant beep when a electrical power shut-down occur. 

    A constant tone indicates an overload state. If as you wrote the UPS is not overloaded that would indicate an internal component failure so the UPS should be replaced. 

  • Pile

    Bonjour Bill,

    Merci de votre réponse. Alors, je devrai changer d'UPS, il est défectueux. 

    Tous les appareils qui y sont branchés, fonctionnement avec le courant électrique, mais l'appareil ne prend plus les surcharges et les sous tensions. 




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