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UPS Array Solution

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Fábio , 4/15/2020 3:42 PM
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UPS Array Solution

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  • Hello everyone,

    So far we have used two APC SMART-UPS 3000, in two electrical networks (with end using equipment, such as computers, monitors, printers, ...), one UPS for each. But recently one of the UPS's stopped working as it should, and since it is necessary to replace this one, we are seeing a more comprehensive strategy that includes both electrical networks protected by these UPS's, and which works in a modular system or array for failover and load balacing. In both networks, each UPS is having a load of approximately 75% during working hours.

    As we do not have a generator (at least not yet), the purpose of UPS’s is to give some time for employees to turn off at least computers, in this case it would be to hold at least about 15 minutes. Our goal was to have a system with at least two independent 6000 VA UPS's (and that it was possible to add at least 40 kVA more), in which case it would be necessary to take either of the production out of production, either due to battery failure or failure even from UPS, we could do it without having to shut down the entire system. At the management level, that it was possible to connect, either by USB or by RJ45, and that it was possible to use some web page or software such as PowerChute (or even this), to manage the equipment (email notifications, consult loads, battery states, estimated times on battery,…). In addition, the two electrical networks would be connected to each other directly, leaving only one, which would connect to the UPS system.

    From what we have seen APC offers a wide range of solutions, but from what we have been seeing, it seems that there is always a main unit, where it is only possible to add more battery packs, as needed (either due to failure or because it is necessary to add more VA's).

    Where we are, we have three-phase connections.

    That said, what do you recommend?

  • Fábio,

    Please provide your location and I will ask a local sale technician to contact you. They will discuss your needs and if necessary perform a site visit to provide a proper solution. 

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