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Where is /has gone the administration tab?

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by burt , 11/25/2019 5:31 AM
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Posted in: General

Where is /has gone the administration tab?

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  • drfang

    I have a Smart-ups  RT6000xl with an AP9631 card.

    The UPS is configured to do a fortnightly self test and it sends me an email of the event start/end.

    Recently I changed my ISP.

    I cannot remember how to change the relevant settings.

    When I login to the web management tool ..there is no administration tab..I suspect that is where I have to go.

    All I have is the Home,UPS,Environment and log tabs and they seem to be populated correctly.

    Some guidance would be appreciated




  • RichScreen

    Hi Burt,


    If you have the 1 card configured on your network, I would suggest downloading the NMC IP configuration wizard found here

    Once installed, scan your network to find the NMC and its IP address if configured.

    It might be beneficial to log into the router that the NMC is connected and give the NMC a static IP address.


    The AP9631 product page can be found here

    here you can access manuals, firmware plus more.

    I would suggest you check the firmware is up to date.


    Kindest Regards,


    Richard, UK Advanced Technical Support
  • drfang

    It was checked with the utility you advised.

    It does have a static IP address.

    This is what appears when I try and do firmware upgrade



  • RichScreen

    Hi Burt,


    Looking at your screen shot I see “Ping Successful” so that bit worked.

    The latest firmware I see to run on an AP9631 in a Smart-UPS RT (SURT6000XLI)

    Is v6.8.0 found here



    Is that the same fw you are trying to install?


    Regarding the comment of administration TAB.

    It’s now found in Configuration > Notification as the firmware has changed over the years.


    Kindest Regards,



    Richard, UK Advanced Technical Support
  • drfang

    same problem with your recommended upgrade.

    Starting Upgrade 11/27/19 08:45:14
    [11/27/19 08:45:14] Pinging (via ICMP) device
    [11/27/19 08:45:14] Device connection passed
    [11/27/19 08:45:15] Testing FTP Log-in
    [11/27/19 08:45:19] FTP Log-in passed
    [11/27/19 08:45:20] Saving data file
    [11/27/19 08:45:20] Information --> Unable to verify previous version
    [11/27/19 08:45:20] Saving event & configuration files
    [11/27/19 08:45:20] Transferring firmware file (1/3): Boot Monitor
    [11/27/19 08:45:21] ERROR --> Boot Monitor transfer failed

    This is strange because..there seems to be a 2 way comminication.

    Also the administration tab does not appear under configuaration

  • RichScreen

    Hi Burt,


    What firmware is the NMC currently running?

    Can you log into the card?

    Are you able to navigate around the interface?


    Kindest Regards,

    Rich  😊

    Richard, UK Advanced Technical Support
  • drfang

    I have sent you a screen shot of the "about" page.

    I can log in.

    I can navigate. I can alter what is there.

    I don't have the administration tab.

  • RichScreen

    Hi Burt,


    That’s very odd. The administration tab is where we are able to find the about network showing us the installed firmware. It looks like what you are running is corrupt or admin rights.


    Can you access via Telnet?

    If you are able to get in via Telnet, does it show the AOS and fw version.

    What do you see under “User”?

    Did it work previously before the ISP was changed?

    Was the fw changed at this time resulting in the issue seen?


    You could try the process seen in FAQ FA293874


    Please let me know how you get on.

    Kindest Regards, Rich…


    Richard, UK Advanced Technical Support
  • drfang

    give me a few days ..i have to get a serial to usb adapter

  • wpasquil


    The screenshot provided show that the user used to log into the NMC is a read only user. The NMC has 3 type of user Admin, Device, and read only. When a read only user logs into the card they are not granted access to the administration tab. 

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