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UPS for computer reccomendation? Pure sine wave vs Step sine wave? please help | General Questions & Suggestions

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Posted in: General

UPS for computer reccomendation? Pure sine wave vs Step sine wave? please help

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  • Ektelion

    Ok since i am about 5 hours into searching what's the best UPS for my computer i am scratching my head right now, could i have some help guys? Do i really need pure sine wave or i am fine with a step sine wave?

    I also don't really know how much wattage my PC would require on load

    I am asuming 600~650 including the monitor and the speakers maximum
    Would a 1400 VA would be enough for a few minutes?

    I was thinking about this model but i am not sure is it safe for my computer ? since its a step sine wave and not a Pure sine wave, does that really matter? can it damage my components in the long run?


  • MattK

    Hi Souren

    A step sinewave output Backups will be fine for your computer power supply.

    As for the power capacity required, unless your pc has multiple hard drives and high end graphics card etc then you should be fine with the BX1400U-GR .

    If you know the model number of your pc, or which power supply it uses, you should be able to find its maximum power online to be on the safe side.

    LED monitors and general use computer speaker won't add much to the load, maybe about 50W, but you should be able to see the information near the power input on the products.



  • Ektelion

    Hello, thanks a lot for the reply.

    I kinda forgot to mention my Power supply is the Corsair 850 Watt Gold certification but we both know that the computer itself is not using anywhere close to that.

    My pc is a little bit high end 
    RTX 2080 Ti which is the most high end graphics card on the market, is using around 350~380 watts on load.
    2x SSD
    1x HDD
    2XRam 3200mhz
    9 fans in the entire system ( 6 of them rgb ) * dont know if this matters
    and an all in one water cooler 360 radiator
    and 4x led stripes

    The monitor itself is using 110 watt i am aware of that.

    what's the downside of having a system which is lets say 750 watt and the UPS being 700 watt?
    Will it run or its not safe?

  • MattK

    Hi Souren

    The BX1400U doesn't have the power capacity for this set up. You would need to look at https://www.apc.com/shop/bg/en/products/APC-Power-Saving-Back-UPS-Pro-1500-230V-Schuko/P-BR1500G-GR and even then you might need to  put your monitor and speakers in the Surge only outlets.



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