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Salvaging and recycling UPS components | General Questions & Suggestions

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Salvaging and recycling UPS components

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Graham , 12/15/2017 1:39 AM
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Posted in: General

Salvaging and recycling UPS components

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  • Graham

    I am a keen amateur electronics hobbyist, so when one of our smaller under-desk type UPS units died at work a short while ago, I clapped my hands in glee thinking about all the components I might be able to salvage and re-use in my home build projects.  Now, the battery itself can probably be added to my solar charge bank that I use for my project bench, and most of the components on the PCBs are easy to identify (I have already re-purposed one of the big power MOSFETs and its heatsink), HOWEVER...

    I am keen to identify the LCD panel that is in use, in the vain hope that I may be able to re-use that for one of my microcontroller based projects, such as my Li-Ion charge/discharge test rig, or my rain water tank depth and capacity gauge.  The UPS this LCD panel came from is a Back-UPS 550 Pro (BR550GI), and the panel's PCB is marked CBS062B-02, but I have not been able to find any information regarding the panel configuration or a driver chip.  I am not sure if the panel has a pixel grid that I can control and utilise myself, or if the various icons and digits normally displayed are simply physically pre-defined segments in the LCD (thereby sadly, drastically reducing its utility for re-use)... 

    I am hoping that someone from APC monitors these forums, and can pass on my query to a technician that may be able to give me some information regarding the pinout connections, voltages required, driver chip id, and usage instructions maybe - or maybe there some other hobbyists out there that have already explored this potential for re-use?  Seems such a waste to just scrap it...

    Thanks in advance



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