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Shutdown PC, Mac and NAS together - use an APP

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Goetz , 9/2/2017 8:46 AM
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  • GoetzPhil
    Novice Novice
    Goetz 9/2/2017 8:46 AM

    I just want to post how I solved the problem - that I have my MAc and PC connected to my USV - but my NAS is in the livingroom and I have no signalling for them all.
    So if we here in the Philippines have a brownout I need to go to the NAS and do shutdown - then go to Mac and PC to shut them down.

    Buying a networking USV would be nice ... But its at least 900 Euro ...

    So I now found a small APP (Off) that costs only 3,49 Euro and that just does the job - it sends a shutdown command from your phone to a Mac or PC. Only for my QNAP NAS I need to use Qremote - but thats ok.

    Its not fully automatic - but as long a brownout happens when Im not sleeping Im now safer than before.

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