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Maximum Current Input for 555

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by miya , 7/28/2017 8:56 AM
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Maximum Current Input for 555

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  • I was looking over a datasheet for the NE555 Timer  and I was wondering if the max supply current given under the electrical characteristics page is the max current you can supply to the 555 without damaging the chip.

    Here is the datesheet of ne555n

    I ask because it seems like the supply current (for 15V input) is relatively low (10mA) compared to the output current (225mA).

    Is the supply current the max current you can put on pin 8 without burning out the chip? If so, why is it so low compared to the output current? If not, how does one find the input current?

  • The max supply current you refer to is the maximum the chip will draw (you don't supply current to a chip, you supply it a voltage and it takes what it needs) with an unloaded output. The bits you need to watch out for are the "absolute maximum rating" and there you'll want to watch the maximum power dissipation when you load the output significantly.

    having said that, you are absolutely in the wrong place to ask these questions as I've never seen a 555 inside an APC product. Try the eevblog forum for electronics.

  • I've never seen that either. Nice observation

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