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EPW9 to Turn Off Voltage Trigger in Type H AV Rack?

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Jonathan , 11/13/2015 1:01 AM
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EPW9 to Turn Off Voltage Trigger in Type H AV Rack?

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  • schalliol

    I have an install that uses an EPW9 Emergency Power Off button with Smart-UPSes, but we also have an APC H15 AV Conditioner for a rack mounted amplifier.  The H15 has DC trigger in and DC trigger out.  Is there a way you can imagine to use the DC trigger jack to switch off the delayed outlets driven by the trigger?  There must be a way.  It appears if I can apply a DC voltage of 5-30V, that will do the job.  Thanks!

  • schalliol

    Any ideas?  Thanks!

  • wpasquil


    The H15 does not ship with an EPO connection and the DC trigger can be configured to kill power to the delayed outlet but not all outlets. Since the unit is not a UPS to kill power to the outlet you would kill the incoming AC. 

  • schalliol

    Thanks.  I'm just trying to figure out a method to kill incoming AC from Edison plugs using an EPW9 in this case.  Are there accessories APC sells that can do this from an EPW9 since some of these devices go live to voltage regulated AC?  That would be better than just killing the delayed outlets.  Thanks!

  • schalliol

    I'm just bumping this old thread.  Does anyone know how to do this?

  • voidstar

    I would contact an electrician. I get the sense that EPOs usually trigger the circuit breaker (see https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/faqs/FA87281/ for information on shunt trip breakers). A UPS needs an EPO input because they can generate electricity even when the power is disconnected.

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