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** Help ** APC.com latest updates, usability and global site version

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Federico , 9/30/2015 2:59 PM
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** Help ** APC.com latest updates, usability and global site version

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  • I have to say APC.com site was allways one step ahead competitors, making very easy to access information about all products and solutions. 

    Now after latests updates, layout and design changes, site only available "by Country", category, solution, product family, product organization has all gone weird with a Windows 10 design approach,.. like if there where only tablets left in the world to browse rendering the site completely unusable from a global perspective and a regular customer. 

    By country site limitation doesn't show all available products most of times and brings "country" custom designs that sometimes are just unusable.

    In the past there was a trick to by pass this country restriction but now it doesn't work any longer. 

    Is there any trick or way I can access APC.com oldschool, more text, less ipad and with global portfolio capabilites?


  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are coninually striving to improve customer’s experiences. You should be able to use this link to search on all SKUs http://www.apc.com/search/ Example: if you are looking for SMT model Smart-UPS in the search box enter SMT and all of the available SMT model Smart-UPS will be displayed. When you select a model you are asked to enter a country and if the product is not available in the selected country you will see a warning however the product specification will still be displayed.  

    If you would like to enter website feedback here is a link to the feedback web page


  • Thanks Bill, I am aware of the search feature, but still navigating through all products trying to guess PN is far from ideal. Say I would like to pull ATS information, only if I input AP77* and I risk not finding ATS with different PN. 

    Schneider-Electric.com has a global site and there you can find product information but is not the same as Apc.com. 


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