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repeated rapid beeping at start up

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Judy , 9/21/2015 11:07 AM
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Posted in: General

repeated rapid beeping at start up

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  • Turned on the power strip, turned on the UPS, waited about three or four seconds, and then pushed the "on" button on the computer.  Rapid beeping from the UPS.  not the power outage sound, but one ive never heard before.  The horn symbol on the left of the display panel had an extra line  (like an accent mark) showing, and the readout was 288.  ouch.  The 'load' symbol at the top of the display showed fully loaded.  Power surge?  It looks normal right now, running about 123 

    I shut the computer down,  waited, tried it again.  Same thing.  so I shut off the lightbar, turned it back on, started the UPS;  finally booted the computer up.  it seems to be working.  


    This is a fairly new (two years or so) APC, the computer is less than two years old; could it be the light bar?  

  • Judy,

    What is the model and serial number of the UPS? Also, what is the wattage draw of the light bar

  • the UPS is  (Back-Ups) PC, serial # XS 1500, and the (resting) wattage draw of the light bar is atm 123V.  when this happened the wattage showing on the UPS was up to 288

    and the load bar at the top was full.

  • Hi,

    If the load bar is full and the unit emits a tone the unit is over loaded. Also, since removing the light bar resolved the issue would indicates an over load state. If the light bar was plugged into one of the battery / surge outlets on the UPS the recommendation is to plug the light bar into 1 of the surge only outlets.

  • Ill try that, and thank you.  I did notice when I reset the light bar the problem disappeared, so we have come to the same conclusion from different directions.  I appreciate the time you took.  

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