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APC UPS with "DC output"

Discussion in General Questions & Suggestions started by Shakeel , 2/1/2015 11:16 AM
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APC UPS with "DC output"

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  • Hello,


    I am looking for a DC-output APC UPS, I found these:




    But its only 27 Watt with one 7A battery, I need 100 Watt with 2 or 4 batteries.


    Please suggest, if there is anyone?





  • Those were the "Powershield" devices that I don't think we make anymore and they were for Telco applications. We only offer DC rectifiers today I believe under the "Magnum VS" line. Some of those are listed here http://www.apc.com/products/family/index.cfm?id=470 along with the one "Powershield" unit I still see listed, though I do not believe we actively sell Powershield (at least in the US where I am). 

  • Hi Angela

    Thanks for your reply


    I want to operate my laptop on a DC UPS i.e. by bypassing laptop's charger and directly connecting it to 12V DC UPS. My laptop is Sony VAIO Core i5. Do you think it would be possible and its a safe method?

    Why I am doing so? Here, in Pakistan, there are very long sessions of load-shedding and power failures, and power is not available for enough time even to fully charge a 100 amp battery.

    On a 100 amp battery, if a 70watt laptop lasts for 3-4 hours, it might lasts for 8-10 hours if operated on DC (19.5V), because there are a lot of power losses in DC to AC conversions.


    Please suggest any solution.


  • Hi Shakeel,

    I am not sure about what you want to do and how you specifically would do it but I don't have any experience with this type of application and doing this type of thing. I really can only provide input personally on our AC power solutions. I can understand the dilemma you have though and why you want to do it and ir anyone else wants to post and contribute, please do.

  • There are stand-alone battery chargers for some Sony VAIO models. For example:


    I have no idea if it's any good. Due to limits of the battery chemistry, I'm not sure you'll be able to charge the batteries faster, but you can charge multiple batteries at the same time and swap them while working.

  • Thanks voidstar for your suggestion

  • Hi Angela

    I am using two APC, one is SUA750i for laptop and internet-device, and one is SUA1500i for all other appliances. But the charging rate of both is very slow i.e. slow for our requirements with heavy load-shedding, where utility power is available for a limited time. We face 10-15 hours of load-shedding in summer. So, we have a limited time to charge batteries.

    1. What is the charging current of SUA750i and SUA1500i? Can it be increased? Does it varies according to the load applied to UPS?
    2. How many maximum "Battery Packs" can be attached to SUA750i and SUA1500i? If extended battery packs are attached, would these be automatically recognized by APC? 
    3. Does APC support any 24V dry battery of 100 amp/200 amp?
    4. Could you please explain how much time SUA1500i takes to fully charge a 100 amp battery?
    5. Is there any external charger to boost charging and that is also compatible with APC?
    6. Please suggest how APC (SUA750i /SUA1500i or any other model) can be used to quickly charge a 200 amp (or 100 amp) battery in just few hours?




  • Shakeel,

    Here is what I can provide.

    1.) I can only see charging wattage. You could maybe figure out the charging amperage from this. SUA750I - 50W, SUA1500I - 136W

    2.) These SKUs are not designed to support external battery packs. Only SKUs that have "XL" in the part number for SUA models support external battery packs. If you have an SUA750XLI, for example, the battery packs are not automatically detected and the UPS must be told they are attached for the reason of reporting proper runtime.

    3.) No, these units are designed for use with lead-acid batteries only.

    4.) I am not sure on this since the UPS is not designed to be used with this size of a battery. The chargers are very tiny based on the standard battery included so I estimate it'd take a long time..

    5.) No, not that we'd recommend or support. I don't know if they exist out there in the world but I am sure they do. If you're familiar with this type of thing, you could use an external charger to charge these batteries and then somehow connect them to the DC bus of the UPS.

    6.) We technically don't support this. If you want to move forward at your own risk, you'd want to look into an external charger for sure.

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