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Give Comments on My Circuit

Discussion in Other Products, Topics, & Discussions started by chen , 8/25/2017 6:47 AM
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Give Comments on My Circuit

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  • Greetings~cool

    I want to send information to the server when the light changes (turns on or turns off). As for now, I have a photo-resistor connected to ESP8266's ADC pin.(See more details please click ESP8266 )  I'm measuring voltage and sends information to a server when it changes much. ESP stays always on.

    My current circuit is given below as an attachment.

    However, I'd like to make it in slightly more energy efficient way.

     The sensor will be used in a bathroom, so the light is usually turned off.

     Perhaps I could make ESP8266 wake up somehow by photoresistor and then send a request to the server and wait for the light to turn off back again and then send the second request and enter the deep-sleep mode? Or maybe there is a better way?


    I'm seeking help in creating a circuit. What should I use? How the circuit should look like?

  • Chen,

    This is not the appropriate forum for this post. This forum is for APC by Schneider Electric produces.

    Thank you, 

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