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Troubles about My designed Module

Discussion in Other Products, Topics, & Discussions started by chen , 7/3/2017 9:10 AM
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Posted in: General

Troubles about My designed Module

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  • Good day,all

    I’m doing a module based on timer--NE555P and mofset--IRF064N for reducing lamp brightness using PWM. Resistor and capacitors configuration calculated using Schematic program.

    The  datasheet of NE555P

    Besides, I put a 1kΩ resistor between the timer output (pin 3) and mosfet gate. Power: 12V battery from UPS. Lamp: car lamp 12V 55W. Module works, but the problem is that the timer gets very hot. Why it happens? Full schematic

  • Other than using a UPS battery, I'm not sure of the relevance of this forum to your project. You'll probably get a better answer from a design forum like EEVblog (that's a clickable link, even if it doesn't show up that way - weird forum software).

  • I agree with Terry. I'd also suggest looking at the voltage across your 100 ohm resistor to see what kind of current the 555 is sourcing (or sinking, which would be bad). Maybe R4 was 1kOhm for a reason. At those low frequencies I expect the MOSFET to be high impedance but who knows. I'm also not sure what R3 is doing.

  • I know a website of components, hope it can help you


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