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NetBotz 455 not picking up GSM Modem

Discussion in Security & Environmental Monitoring Discussions started by Artur , 1/28/2021 10:59 AM
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Posted in: General

NetBotz 455 not picking up GSM Modem

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  • Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

    I have a NetBotz 455 running on v4.7 that I wish to configure SMS alerts. However when I connect the GSM modem via the usb port, the NetBotz is not showing that a serial device has been connected via the usb port. I config reset the NetBotz, changed the firmware to lower versions but still the GSM is not being displayed on the NetBotz routerlogin. I have used the same type of GSM Modem on other NetBotz 455s and it works perfectly fine.

    Anyone with a solution to this problem?




  • Hello,

    NetBotz are actively supported at its own standalone community - https://help.ecostruxureit.com/questions

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