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Resetting a NMS doesn't work AP9617

Discussion in Security & Environmental Monitoring Discussions started by Terry , 6/24/2019 3:12 AM
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Resetting a NMS doesn't work AP9617

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  • After attempting a reset of the AP9617 it still can't be found by any network detection software that I have.

    The AP9617 has been reset holding down for 10 seconds.  Then again held for 25 seconds.  Nothing.  I'm ready to call this one defective unless someone can prove otherwise.

    Attached is a picture of the back of my UPS showing the NMS and lights.



  • Hi Terry,

    The reset button on the AP9617 can't be used to format the NMC as it can on the AP9630/31. On the AP9617, it's only used to reset the password back to factory default, or to reboot the card. 

    A solid green status LED would mean that the NMC has a valid IP configured for it, so it's possible that the card is already configured for a static IP. In order to actually reset an AP9617 back to factory default settings or change the IP manually, you would need to use a serial cable connected to the UPS the NMC is installed in. You can follow the instructions here for how to connect to the NMC via serial, and make sure the IP settings/bootmode is configured for the proper settings on your network.

  • Matt,

    This doesn’t look good for me.  The back of the UPS only has 6 power outlets, a power connector with a cap and a USB port.

    What other choices do I have?  Perhaps find someone who owns a UPS the has a DB9 serial connector to reprogram it that way maybe my only option? <sigh>


  • Hi Terry,

    On the back of a regular ol' SUA1000, the DB9 serial port is on the top left, just above the NMC. The picture you posted is cut off, but the model number looks like it's a standard SUA1000, so if it's not there then I'd be shocked.


  • Asking me to get down on my hands and knees at my age!  LOL   I did, and you're absolutely correct.  It's there.  Okay, I'll follow your instructions to reset it.

    Thanks for having such great patience with me.

  • Haha, apologies Terry - at least once you get the IP settings figured out, you'll only need to get down there to swap the batteries out when they go :D

  • I've almost got it.  The the computer recognises the UPS using the db9 serial cable.  But I cannot connect using a terminal program.  It shows it's connected but it never sends any text.  There's no way to login.

    What's the USB device port on the back of the SUA1000 used for?

    A db9 9 pin serial to 3.5mm cable came with the UPS but where would I plug it in at?


  • Oh, and one other thing.  Why does the UPS power off whenever I plug the cable into the serial port?

  • Hi Terry,

    Do you know what model serial cable you're using? The SUA units only support a 940-0024 (or 940-1524) DB9 cable, a regular null modem cable would cause comm issues, and may even cause the UPS to reboot like you've seen.

    The DB9 - 3.5mm cable is the serial cable that's used with our newer generation NMC, the AP9630/31/35. They have a console port directly on the card which is where the 3.5mm goes.

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