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Firmware and default settings

Discussion in Security & Environmental Monitoring Discussions started by Pat , 3/21/2016 7:54 PM
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Firmware and default settings

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  • Not sure if this needs to be a specific question about my particular unit, but if I re-flash the same firmware on an APC device (AP9340 Env. Mon in my case) will the network, name and any other settings be wiped out or retained after the firmware flash?

  • Hi Pat,

    Yes, reflashing the same firmware will retain settings for your specific product/firmware.

    There are only a few exceptions to this with Network Management Card enabled products, which are typically downgrade scenarios between major firmware versions. Usually upgrading/downgrading retains all settings unless there are new ones which will be set to a default setting or removed if it is not available in the version you go to.

  • Great, thanks for the confirmation.

  • Would a A- in the Stat line indicate a firmware issue or some other problem?

  • It can be a couple of different things but in general, there is a problem with the Application file.

    When you log in via Telnet or serial which is where you'd see that A-, what do you see on the top right?

    It should look like this but I am especially interested in what you see in the items I highlighted:

    American Power Conversion                      Network Management Card AOS v2.6.5
    (c) Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved        EMS & EMU2 APP v2.6.8
    Name : EMS                                            Date : 03/21/2016
    Contact : Unknown                                   Time : 16:34:11
    Location :  Lab                                         User : Administrator
    Up Time : 11 Days 5 Hours 13 Minutes         Stat : P+ N+ A+

    Environmental Management System
    Env Probes : OK ARUs : No ARUs Found
    Contacts : OK Relays : OK
    Beacon : Off Sensors : OK
    Outlets : OK Custom Events : Inactive

    If you don't see the APP listed and just an AOS, try reloading that firmware. If it does not say EMS & EMU2 APP then it is the wrong app and you'd also want to try reloading the firmware. If it is listed properly like mine, then we may want to look at the event log. Also can try reloading that firmware too in case something corrupted the file but its still there.

  • Attached is a screenshot of the main screen when I telnet to the device (I've blacked out a few pieces of info). One thing to note is the up time of 4 minutes. This device was rebooted on Sunday so it has been on for more than 11 minutes. Basically what happened to cause my issues was this:

    - I got paged that this device lost its network connection

    - It was powered on but I had no console access (couldn't get a login prompt)

    - I pulled the power and plugged back in and this is where I am now

  • Hi Pat,

    Oops, I read your model as AP9320 instead of AP9340. Doesn't change my answer though, just the specific firmware you'd have loaded.

    I would suggest we try re-loading the firmware. Something is wrong with the application file and we can't see the event log without that application file so it is a catch 22 because it is hard to say what happened without seeing the event log. 

    Latest firmware for AP9340 is here (which is what you already have loaded it seems): ftp://restrict:Kop$74!@ftp.apcc.com/restricted/hardware/emu3/firmware/356/apc_hw03_aos357_mem356.exe

    Instructions on firmware upgrade if you need them, refer to NMC1 for this device -> http://www.schneider-electric.us/en/faqs/FA156047

    The uptime is the uptime of the Network Management Card interface. It can do a "soft reboot" on its own so it may have done that after you pulled the plug on it possibly due to whatever issue it is having. You can also try to soft reboot it once if you want and you'll find that option under the System Menu, Tools, Reboot management interface. A firmware upgrade also does a soft reboot as part of it.


  • I will give the firmware re-flash a try. I have already done a soft reboot of the management interface, but I'm still having issues. So I can just fire off the .exe and run the firmware re-flash from my Windows machine to the APC unit?

  • Yup, simple as that. The .exe runs a little utility/script that will push the firmware via FTP. As long as FTP is enabled on your network/computer, that should be all you need to do and the firmware will go into the unit. The AP9340 will reboot twice during the process which on average takes 3-5 minutes.

  • It looks like the firmware re-flash fixed my problems. I now see P+ N+ A+ for the status, the event log option is available and the web interface is functional again. Thanks for all of your help!

  • You're welcome cool

    Just curious, see anything in the event log leading up to the issue? (Or if you want to share it, I can take a look)

  • Nothing too interesting in the log. Odd thing is the last entry (before yesterday's events) was on March 5th so apparently the unit has been having issues for a couple of weeks? The only entries leading up to my problems are numerous "System: Warmstart" "System: Set Date or Time" and "System: Network service started."

  • Hmm, well, warmstarts are explained here if you're interested: http://www.schneider-electric.us/en/faqs/FA156063 which they are essentially soft reboots. The other message, network service started, is a normal part of the boot process after a warmstart. And well, set date and time is normal if you're using NTP.

    It could've been one of the things listed in the warmstart article (outside of normal configuration changes or expected reboot commands done by a user) such as some type of corruption and the unit was failsafing in attempt to reboot. Also, if the application component cannot boot more than 6 times in a row, it stops and could've gotten into the A- state.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll keep an eye on it wink

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