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APC BN1350M2 Backup Won't turn on

Discussion in Getting Started started by Gerald , 15 days ago
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Posted in: General

APC BN1350M2 Backup Won't turn on

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  • Hello,

    I have a BN1350M2 Backup that will not turn on.

    I went on holidays, so turned it off, but left it plugged in.

    I come back and get nothing when I try to turn it on - no lights, no beeps !!!

    It worked fine up until I turned it off.



  • Hi,

    You should check the batteries to see if either or both are dead. A good 12 volt battery should read 12.6v DC. If the battery voltage is to low the UPS will not power on. 

  • Thanks, but this was plugged in but turned off for the week I was gone.

    I expect it is something different than a dead battery.

    This was purchased May 2020, so less than a year old.

    However, I will do as you suggest.

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