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Configure Events - Need help

Discussion in Getting Started started by Frederic , 11/10/2020 2:23 PM
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Configure Events - Need help

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  • Hello everyone,

    I just started working with APC Batteries and i need some clarifications between these 2 events.

    Runtime exceeded: Runtime remaining is not sufficient for the current configuration. What is the current configuration ? Is it the time of the shutdown delay + something else ?

    Runtime remaining below threshold: The runtime remaining has dropped below the configured threshold while on battery.  What is the threshold ? Is it the low battery duration?

    Thank you very much ! 

  • Frederic,

    If you click on the question mark ? You will find information on all configurable events.

    The information is also available in the User's Guide and information concerning Runtime Exceeded is available in Schneider Electric FAQ FA241713 

    Runtime Remaining Below Threshold:

    The runtime remaining has dropped below the configured threshold while on battery. You can configure this threshold using the shutdown action on the Configure Events page.

    When the UPS in running on battery power and the runtime remaining on the UPS drops below the threshold, PowerChute will trigger a shutdown sequence.

    Runtime Exceeded:

    For both conditions below, the “total shutdown time” includes the following durations:

    • VM migration duration

    • VM shutdown and startup duration

    • vApp shutdown and startup duration

    • vCenter Server VM shutdown duration

    • Shutdown command file duration

    • SSH action duration

    • Built-in duration of 2 minutes (this consists of a 10 second OS shutdown duration and a 60 second OS shutdown duration; rounded up)

    This event occurs with either of the following conditions:

    Condition 1.

    When the total shutdown time required by PowerChute is greater than the Low Battery Duration minus two minutes configured for the UPS. In the event of a low battery condition, PowerChute will not have enough time to complete the shutdown sequence before the UPS powers off. For example, if the total shutdown time required is 3 minutes and Low Battery Duration is 4 minutes, the Available Runtime has been Exceeded event will be triggered.

    Resolution: Increase the Low Battery Duration value on the NMC using Configure - Shutdown or decrease the shutdown durations being used by PowerChute.

    Condition 2.

    When the shutdown duration configured for the UPS On Battery event plus the total shutdown time required by PowerChute is greater than the Runtime Remaining on the UPS minus two minutes. This condition can be caused by having too great a load on the UPS when the battery is fully charged.


    1. Remove some equipment from the UPS to increase the available runtime.

    2. Decrease the shutdown duration time for the UPS On Battery event.

    3. Decrease the command file execution time using the Shutdown Settings screen.

    This event is logged and event actions are carried out even if it occurs on a single UPS in a Redundant or Parallel UPS configuration.

  • Thanks a lot. This was so useful.

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