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Controlling three devices

Discussion in Getting Started started by J , 19 days ago
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Controlling three devices

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  • dilkz

    Hi, first post & newbie UPS user. My new BX1400UI is to "protect" a Synology NAS, a Synology NVR and an Intel NUC. If I plug the NAS in to the UPS with a USB cable, and update the NAS's power settings, how do I then do the same for the NVR & the NUC - as there is only one USB socket.



    Synology DS218+

    Synology NVR1218

    Intel NUC (with a pre-built Roon Rock OS installed, so not sure I have access to any os files).

  • dilkz

    OK, I have sorted the NAS & NVR, but still not sure how to get the Intel NUC to communicate with the APC UPS for a controlled shutdown etc.

  • APC_Gavan

    Hi J,

    Unfortunately we don't provide a solution for this, the Back-UPS range only supports Powerchute Personal Edition which can only be install on Windows 7/10, there may be some third party option but I'm not sure.


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