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HDD failure after power restart of AP9465

Discussion in Getting Started started by Mojtaba , 25 days ago
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Posted in: General

HDD failure after power restart of AP9465

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  • mojtaba

    Hello , I have an Infrastructure central 6.2.0 with part number  AP9465. the HDD of server failed after power being restart  and  DCIM got Destroyed . I have already a  backup of my date server but I cant use it and recover the data . how I can recover the  server and use my backup.Thanks in advance

  • APC_Gavan

    Hi Mojtaba,

    How old is the server? It may be possible to replace the hard drive and then log a support request to see if they can give you the original install media but that version is old, probably 15 or 16 releases behind the current one and unless you have a support contract I can't say for sure if they will be able to help you. 

    It might be best to look into a replacement, the new versions come in three different sizes of physical machine or alternatively a VMWare appliance 


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