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APC Smart UPS Issues!!

Discussion in Getting Started started by tecch , 5/15/2020 4:47 AM
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Posted in: General

APC Smart UPS Issues!!

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  • Hey guys, you are my last ditch effort here, been scratching my head with this one for days. Figured this was a pretty good place to ask.

    I got an APC Smart-UPS XL 3000 a few years ago from a company replacing the unit, said the batteries were bad and needed to be replaced, otherwise working. Plugged it in and turned it on the https://1921681001.id/ re, constant beeping and replace battery light, figured the beeping was from the replace battery error.https://19216811.cam/

    Well I finally got around to wanting to get it up and running, plugged it in and turned it on, same constant beeping and replace battery light. Got some new batteries for it, turn it on and the beeping is still there, just a constant tone. It provides power, transfers to and from battery just fine. Software shows no faults, Line fault LED is off. I Put it under load, a few servers (about 10% load) and unplugged it, transferred over to battery and held for a while just fine.

    If its of any note, the beeping sometimes get a little staticky.

    I can't find anything wrong with this unit but it wont stop beeping, I'm hoping someone here might have some insight on what I should be doing next.


  • Hi Tecch,

    Is you change the battery replacing date of UPS also??????

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