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Error message in events logs

Discussion in Getting Started started by Gold , 2/17/2020 11:40 AM
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Posted in: General

Error message in events logs

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  • What does "powerchute agent outlet turning off (by external entity)" mean?

    We arrived at work to see this server shut down, 5 others on various apc ups's were not.

    The error is difficult to find online.

  • Hi,

    On 2/17/2020 6:40 AM, Gold said:

    What does "powerchute agent outlet turning off (by external entity)" mean?

    When configuring PowerChute Business Edition you are asked to assign an outlet group. When the outlet group is powered off PowerChute records the event. In this case something caused the UPS to power off. An event such as this would normally be caused by someone turning the UPS off. That could happen by pressing the power button or if the UPS has a network card by logging in and turning the UPS off. 

  • Hi Bill,


    firstly many thanks for taking the time to respond, that was much appreciated. OK i understand the response but this UPS was behind a locked door and it went off on a Saturday morning when no one was in. (Not even the cleaners, yes we went there).

    Is there a scenario that would cause this, or is it a glitch? Like i said 3 other UPSs and about 5 servers in the same comms cab stayed up, no problem. Just this server on this UPS.

  • Hi,

    The logs only indicate the outlet group was powered off. If there was no user intervention there is no way to know base on the information available. 

  • Many thanks once again. A glitch in the Matrix then it seems.

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