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Discussion in Getting Started started by Paweł , 2/14/2020 11:47 AM
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  • Hi

    how to set snmp if i want to use ups in qnap?
    On the qnap nas it is only snmp ups ip to set(and time to shutdown nas..). 

    My ups ip is It is set on qnap:


    On ups it is look like that:

    Qnap nas adress is .176

    Its not work.Please help.

  • Hi,

    You did not include the model of the QNAP so I could not look up the specific documentation. However, my guess is the NMC should send a trap to the QNAP. The user's guide for QTS firmware 4.4.1 states

    SNMP connection

    a. Connect the UPS to the same network as the NAS.

    b. Select SNMP connection.

    c. Specify the IP address of the UPS.

    d. Choose one of the following options. • Power off the server after the power fails for a specified time period • Allow the NAS to enter auto-protection mode after the power fails for a specified time period

    Based on that information you should configure the QNAP as a trap receiver on the NMC. Go to configuration - Notification - SNMP Traps - Trap Receivers,  add the QNAP as a trap receiver. You should also go to Configuration - Notification - Event Actions and verify that traps will be sent for on battery events. 


  • Qnap model is TS-432XU.

    They are in the same network, connected to the same switch.

    Evertyhing is set like you said.

    Qnap ip is .176

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