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APC 1500VA BR1500G - Gracefully Shutdown ReadyNAS

Discussion in Getting Started started by D , 2/10/2020 8:52 PM
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Posted in: General

APC 1500VA BR1500G - Gracefully Shutdown ReadyNAS

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  • ziggy

    Before I start using this beast I need to make sure the UPS can power down my NAS gracefully if there's a power outage. IOW, I'm not sure I did my homework properly and didn't get the proper UPS.

    I'll be running Powerchute on a Win 10 laptop. I have several NAS boxes but only one remains on 24/7. The others are only on sporadically when need. I need to protect the 24/7 box.

    If I need to use the serial/USB port to hook to the laptop I can't control the NAS via USB since there's only one USB connection on the UPS.

    Is that right? If it is can I somehow have the UPS shutdown the NAS properly?

  • wpasquil


    You should connect the NAS to the UPS using the USB port to allow the NAS to power off gracefully. The laptop has its own battery so you do not need PowerChute. You can configure the laptop to power off when on battery. The settings are found in the control panel under the heading of power options.  

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