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PCPE 3.1.0 for Windows 10, 64 bit, fails to Check for Updates

Discussion in Getting Started started by HARLON , 8/17/2019 3:03 AM
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Posted in: General

PCPE 3.1.0 for Windows 10, 64 bit, fails to Check for Updates

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  • This is a copy of a problem report that I recently sent to APC.  They have twice reported that they have fixed the problem, but it remains, even though I reinstalled the program.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Subject: Problems with PCPE version 3.1.0
    Question: I installed PCPE 3.1.0 & found that it cannot access the Internet when Check for Updates is selected. My old PCPE version was able to do so, since that is how I found out about the Update/Upgrade to 3.1.0. Here is a rundown of what works or not in 3.1.0:
    1.  Registration can access the Internet.
    2.  Extended Warranty & Support Services can access the Internet.
    3.  Contact APC can access the Internet.
    4.  Battery replacement & upgrade selector can access the Internet.
    5.  Check for Updates, from either access screen, FAILS to access the Internet, with this message:  "Could not check for updates.  Please check your Internet connection & try again."

    I have this same status on two PCs which have been upgraded to 3.1.0. These PCs are different brands and the Back UPS' are different models.

    (As I type this ticket, I am receiving a little window that says, "chars are allowed!". What on earth does that mean?

    Why didn't you provide a link in your download instructions for the user to find the well hidden KBase FA379541?


  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are aware of the issue and our engineering team is working on it. In the mean time if there where to be an available upgrade I will post a banner to the home page of the forum and reply to this post. 

  • Bill,

    Thanks for your response!  I appreciate your feedback.  However, I am very disappointed with the resistance and incorrect responses that I have received on my problem report!  I had always thought that APC was a more professional organization than to send out such irresponsible responses!

    Thanks again.



  • This is still an issue and has been one for quite some time now as I continue to see pop ups saying that there is an update for PowerChute PE. I have been checking the support page for an update to this but the current version is still 3.1.0 . When is an expected fix for this to be available


  • I just purchased an APC UPS model number BE670M1 and installed the latest available version of Powerchute software v3.1. I also cannot do a "check for update". Powerchute says I am not connected to the internet even though I am.

    I too would like to know when this issue will be resolved. Also the version (3.1) of Powerchute software I downloaded is from January 2019. Is there a more recent version available?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Version 3.1 is the latest and if a new version becomes available I will post a link. 


  • Oelim,

    Your post appears to be a completely different topic than this "PCPE 3.1.0 for Windows 10, 64 bit, fails to Check for Updates" topic.  I suggest that you will get more valid responses to your problem if you choose a similar topic.  If one is not available, then start a new topic.

    I wish you success in solving the problem.


  • Welcome to the club.

    I've been getting this error for years.

    I have four computers in my home with APC units.  All are running Windows 10 64-bit.

    I work in the IT field.  Hard to imagine this issue is hard to resolve. 

    Well, I guess I'll join you in the waiting room for a fix :)

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