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shrill noise

Discussion in Getting Started started by St. John Bosco , 7/29/2019 10:09 PM
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shrill noise

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  • Can you tell me how to get my Back-UPS ES 550 to stop its screech? It is a model # BE550R. I suspect there was a power outage. The "Replace battery" light is not on so I assume it is fine.  I have a simple paper shredder plugged into the surge protector and it works, but I am afraid to plug my computer in, in case it has some electronic problem. I have tried unplugging the unit and also hitting the Reset button, but still a shrill continuous sound. 

  • Hi,

    Try the reset procedure and after that if the unit still makes the noise it should be replaced.

    1: Disconnect any attached load.

    2: Unplug the UPS from the wall socket.

    3: Disconnect the UPS' internal battery.

    4: Push and hold the "On" button on the UPS for 5 seconds

    5: Reconnect internal battery.

    6: Plug UPS in to known good power source.

    7: Turn UPS on.



  • Thank you, but how do i disconnect the battery? I got it out, but there is a black wire & a red wire. Which do I disconnect & how?

    Barbara Hettwer

  • Hi Barbara


    This video shows you how to disconnect and reconnect the battery






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