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No fix found on your site for Changing settings on AP9619 Management Card 1 from HTTP to HTTPS

Discussion in Getting Started started by DR , 9 days ago
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  • 4me2no
    Novice Novice
    DR 9 days ago

    On a smart-ups Model # surtd5000xlt, I upgraded firmware to V3.72 on the AP9619 Management Card, to enable the e-mail notifications. I followed instructions for e-mail notifications but nothing worked, I think I read everything that had to do with e-mail notification on your site...

    Than yesterday, I did a change in the card, switch HTTP for HTTPS, big mistake.... now I can't log in into the card with the IP address given with Device IP Configuration Utility which is the same address as before the changes.

    I have tried so many things, to fix the repeated message "Can’t connect securely to this page" using HTTPS.

    Same thing with HTTP, I get the "Protected Object" box.

    I have tried the manual reset for factory default, didn't work, the yellow and green lights on lan connection work as normal, I even repeated the firmware upgrade V.372 and it did complete successfully again, that tells me that my network is still talking to the card but can't log in into it using the IP address.

    Is there a simple fix or is my card done....



  • 4me2no
    Novice Novice
    DR 8 days ago (in response to DR)


    I had to activated Telnet on Windows 10

    Google, How to Enable / Install Telnet in Windows 10 - Tutorial - YouTube

    Follow steps from video.

    In Command Prompt type, Telnet space IP address of card, you can use Network Management Device IP Configuration Wizard v5.0.3 if you don't know card IP.


    User Name will appear: apc enter

    Password: apc enter

    You may have to reset the card to factory default if APC username and password do not work , hold a paper clip for 30 sec. in the hole and watch the Lan yellow light count 30 times while the green goes off, after 30 sec. reset is done, both light come back on once you plug Lan cable back in. 

     Once into the card.

    Go to 2- enter for Network

             6- enter for Web/SSL/TLS

             2- enter for SSL/TLS 

             1- enter for Disable SSL/TLS 

             6- enter to Accept Changes

             Press ESC until you get back to the Control Console

             4- to Logout

    That is it, you will be able to log back in into the card using HTTP IP Address



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