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UPS load indicator vs PowerChue Business Edition

Discussion in Getting Started started by Roger , 3/27/2019 8:15 AM
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Posted in: General

UPS load indicator vs PowerChue Business Edition

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  • RogerOVvik

    We have a couple of Smart-UPS 750 that are connected to and managed via respective local computers powered using PowerChute Business Edition 10.0.1. 
    My problem is that the UPS display indicates ~25% load while the application shows ~12%. With varyin load, the software shows about half of the UPS shown load.
    Taking this into consideration when looking at run times makes me worried. Should I trust the UPS and recalculate run time based on the graphs for the UPS? Or can I depend on the time that the software information?

  • RogerOVvik

    Perhaps I need to add that we have executed run time calibration multiple times. No change.
    And that the data is not peak usage/value, it is taken when computer is "idle" for 5-10 minutes with only applications running.

  • s.v.s

    Hi Roger,

    The difference may come from the UPS calculating load % values based on the UPS power capacity ratings expressed in both VA (apparent power) and W (real power), and the different power factor specifications the load equipment may have.

    The Load Power % value indicated in PowerChute is typically the percentage calculated using the max VA rating. Current generation Smart-UPS LCD models have the ability to show both load VA% and load W% on the UPS LCD display. Depending on your Smart-UPS model, for example if it is an SMT or SMX 750VA, under the LCD menu > Status you will find both Load Power (% and Watt rating) and Load VA (% and VA rating).

    Does any one of the two values shown on the UPS LCD correspond to the 12% you can see in PowerChute?

    Another approach is to verify if the current measurement is consistent between the UPS and Powerchute, you can compare the Load Current value displayed in Powerchute with the Status > Load Amps value shown on the UPS LCD display.

    What about the runtimes predicted by the UPS and Powerchute respectively, are the Runtime Remaining values consistent across UPS and software?

  • RogerOVvik

    I will investigate and come back tomorrow.

  • RogerOVvik
    This discussion is marked as answered

    you were perfectly right. Changing the display to advanced revealed the other load screen with W indicated after the load figure. And now everything matches.


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