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SRT2200 / SRT3000 SNMP Configuring issue

Discussion in Getting Started started by Muhammad , 3/27/2019 6:04 AM
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Posted in: General

SRT2200 / SRT3000 SNMP Configuring issue

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  • shahzad.engr123

    Dear Team,

    I have installed SRT2200XLI  and i am trying to configure SNMP Card AP9631 but i am unable to configure IP on SNMP because i didn't found SNMP option on UPS LCD screen only MODBUS option is on the screen while SNMP Card in inserted into the UPS and card is also active.

    Please guide me how can i configure this on my network.

    Picture is also attached for reference.



    Muhammad Shahzad
  • s.v.s

    Hi Muhammad,

    I recommend first making sure that the NMC is running the latest firmware revision - here are the applicable firmware upgrade file and guide. If this still doesn't enable the SmartSlot option on the UPS LCD display, there are alternative methods to configuring a network management card, please see this FAQ.

  • shahzad.engr123

    Hi Sbazi,

    I was trying to contact by HyperTerminal by using this procedure (https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA156064/) but there is no response from UPS side then i configured the NMC by using another UPS and and then inserted in this UPS and issue was still exist and i didnot found SNMP option.

    I try to monitor  via IP by Web browser it its login was normal but UPS measurement and data or logs was not found and its shows that UPS not found.

    Please look into this issue.



    Muhammad Shahzad
  • wpasquil


    Would you please provide a screenshot of the NMC interface when connected to using telnet.


    In the capture above I used Putty and to connect using Telnet to SMX Smart-UPS. 

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