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SURT8000XLI ups is overloaded error.

Discussion in Getting Started started by abdel , 6/29/2018 9:08 PM
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Posted in: General

SURT8000XLI ups is overloaded error.

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  • abdelzoubir
    Hi guys I recently received an inverter already used. It seems in good condition except that it delivers no voltage to the output. From the AP9619 network card, I have the message "autotest refused ups is overloaded ";"inverter fault exists ";"battery not installed "..... the rapid measurements made give good results except for a battery row which displays a voltage of 185 v. Batteries are too old. In anticipation of receiving new batteries, does anyone have an answer to such situations ?? If you still allow me, is the switch on the back of the surt8000xli, force the Ups in bypass mode whatever the state of the inverter, or it depends on the situation of the inverter (normal operation, internal fault, ....)? Finaly how can make the surt8000xli Up To Date ?
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