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Buy second-hand UPS

Discussion in Getting Started started by nima , 11/6/2017 10:20 AM
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Buy second-hand UPS

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  • jesus
    UPSs, whether new or second-hand UPS, have four main sections
        Intermittent transducer to 12 V direct
        12V battery
        Direct converter to alternator (inverter)
         Bypass circuit. The most important part of every UPS battery is its.
    The UPS batteries are divided into the main group of lead gel batteries, and nickel-nickel batteries are cadmium. Lead and acid batteries, for the sake of safety and preventing the outflow of hydrogen produced by gases, are usually completely poulled. However, the life of lead-acid batteries largely depends on how the device is used and the temperature of the environment.
    So, if you plan to buy a second-hand UPS, preferably use a nickel-cadmium battery. You can, of course, replace your old UPS battery with a lead-acid battery. You do not have to buy a new UPS if your electronic components and UPS circuits are healthy and you just need to replace the battery. In the case of buying second-hand UPS, you should pay particular attention to batteries.
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