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Hundreds of "Insufficient runtime" e-mails

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I configured the e-mail settings last week on the Console server and all was fine for a couple of days. Then one night I received 86 "Insufficient Runtime Available" messages for a server (happened to be the Console Server). When I checked Powerchute Event logs there were hundrededs of events alternating between "Sufficient Runtime available" and "Insufficient Runtime Available" - the messages are sometimes between 5 and 20 seconds apart.

It happened sometime after 11 pm and quit sometime around 4 am. The next few nights were fine then last night I received 453 of them! While I know I can remove the e-mail settings as the down and dirty way of not receiving the message ;) I think it more appropriate to find what is causing them and solve it.

I am wondering if I need to change some of the configurations but not sure what...

Assistance is appreciated in advance :)
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    What kind of UPS are you plugging into? Is it a new UPS or has it been set up for a while now?

    What version of software are you using? You can check this in the software interface under Help/About System.

    Have you checked to see how much run time you have left. Generally, this message will occur if your run time is low and either conflicting with your low battery signal or shutdown sequence.
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    It is a new server setup as of May 18, the UPS are SmartUPS RT - 1500, the Powerchute is the Business Edition, most recent edition. The run time is 22 mins and I have configured 6 mins to shutdown starting at around 10 to 12 mins - <planning on another battery in the future>
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    If you check the data log in powerchute, does the UPS load seem to increase overnight, either regularly or during the times that you have received these error messages? What is the current load estimate on the UPS?

    Are you using a serial or USB connection from the UPS to your server? If you're using serial, make sure that the port settings for the COM port are as follows: 2400, 8, none, 1, xon/xoff (FIFO disabled).

    Are you using any software accessories in the back of your Smart UPS, such as an Interface Expander Card (2 additional serial ports)?
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    Another thing you may want to look at is the low battery signal time. If you've got 22 minutes of battery life but have a low battery signal time of 21 minutes, slight variations in the load may cause this kind of issue as well.
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    I found this thread because I just encountered something similar. I set up PowerChute for the first time, and it bombarded me with e-mails about insufficient runtime. My e-mail provider blacklisted our IP address! I can't believe there doesn't seem to be a way to configure a maximum number of e-mails to send for a given alert within a given time. As of now, I just had to disable e-mail notifications.
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    i am not sure why powerchute business edition does not allow for this functionality but a network management card allows you to customize email alerts in a few different ways, including limiting the amount of times a certain condition can be emailed.
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    I am having the same issue. Hundreds of emails saying Insufficient runtime available. How to I fix this? The battery is only 5 months old and is reported as fully charged, load is only 29% model smart Ups-700
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    Angela N. =SE= Employee
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    are you using powerchute business edition or network management card?

    how much reported runtime do you have reported? what is your low battery duration or low battery signaling time set to?

    you can disable the alert completely if you want for email, you just cant change the frequency/delay, like on the management card. with powerchute business edition, its either enabled or disabled.
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    This might help.
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    Hey, I'm back after two months. Kulot, that article is very interesting. What I did since my last post is just uninstall the software and leave it. The UPS seemed to be fine. But, last week it started beeping every so often, so I ordered a new battery. Once it gets here, I'll do the testing in the article you linked to, and see whether I overloaded it. I haven't looked at the panel to see if the LED is displaying what the article references.

    I have a regular PC file server (no monitor) and a few small network switches plugged into it, so it shouldn't be overloaded. I think it really is the battery. It's a UPS I inherited with the network, so I don't know how old it is. Of course, it could be both overloaded and the battery actually is dying!

    I'll post later to share what happened.

    Jeffrey Fox
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    I have the same problem. My device named APC Smart-UPS 750 and PowerChute Business edition 9.0.1 buid 606. I have bought new batteries, performed manual calibration, plugged my server into UPS and connected them with USB cabble. Indicators show about 40% load. Some days later I noticed repeating messages in log: "Sufficient runtime available", "Insufficient runtime available". The worse consequence is that the UPS shutdowns in case of power failure and DOES NOT TURN ON after power restore. (Option "When power returns, reboot UPS" is switched to "After the following occurs: Battery charges to 45 % and the elapsed time is 300 seconds"). Leds of the UPS does not shine and it can stay in this state while somebody turn it on manually (even during several days it doesn't turn on automatically).
    I have repeated manual calibration and noticed that the problem was solved for some time (several hours). My server and the UPS were normally shutdown after power failure and both were turned on automatically after power restore. Also I didn't see new repeating messages "Sufficient.../Insufficient..". But after several hours the problem appeared again. I noticed also that sometimes repeated messages stop appear in log. But it happens seldom. Generally my log has been flooding by this messages every 3-18 seconds.
    Probably my batteries are serviceable because the UPS keeps power supply for my server during 13 minutes (if PowerChute is turned off).
    I can't say did the problem present before battery was replaced, because this UPS was never used with PowerChute before.
    Help me, please. My server need to correct shutdown and automatically turn on when problem with power occurs.

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