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SURT192XLBP questions

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i just got 5 SURT192XLBP w/ 4 batteries in ea. i dont have the actual UPS however. my questions:

1. what is the most inexpensive model i can use w/ these batteries? i'm open to used/discontinued hardware.
2. are there adapters i can buy which allow me to use these battery packs in any other ways? i dont have any needs or ideas here, just curious about your ideas/solutions, if such adapters exist, & creative uses for such good resources.
3. is there an inexpensive way i can put together my own smart-ups rt 3000 (or whatever model works with these)? buying one online is 2k but i dont need more batteries which they come w/ by default. i saw you can buy the hardware kits for < $200, but not sure what kit i need in order to utilize these packs.

as you can tell i'm new the world of UPS; i'm no electrician, so be as brief or as thorough as you like in your replies (i'm open to education always!).

i do run 4 HP 2u servers + some lower end servers & i know these would be great for them. but i cant afford the 2k prices i'm seeing online for the smart-ups rt 3000s. so i'm hoping for other solutions. otherwise its off to CL. thanx.
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    mowglie Member
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    actually what are the apc part #s for the components to put together a smart-ups rt 3000 w/o batteries? if such a thing is feasible.
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    Angela N. =SE= Employee
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    we don't sell all of the parts to build an RT 3000. my first thought is you can look at refurbished models if cost is an issue which maybe you have already pursued.

    also, here is the user's guide for the SURT192XLBP and which units it works with: http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/ASTE-6Z8LL5_R1_EN.pdf

    it states, for Use With Smart-UPS® RT 3000/5000/7500/10000 VA - so that'd be SURT3000XLT/XLI and so on for the rest of the VA amounts. we sell units without batteries in other regions outside of North America but i dont think they are SURT, just SRC model prefix.

    APC does not sell any adapters for these packs so you'd be on your own with that part.

    hope what i can provide helps a bit.

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