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APC Smart-UPS 700, PowerSchute 8.0.1, W2000Server - not running

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Franta , 7/11/2009 3:35 PM
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  • kukulac
    New Member New Member
    Franta 7/11/2009 3:35 PM


    i have APC Smart-UPS 700 connected to server (W2000 Server) via serial port. I have installed APC PowerChute Business Edition 8.0.1 and it is not running - i can not log in, i wonder why i have to login because i want to set up only this local APC.

    During installation APC Smart-UPS 700 was found on COM1. Before installation i have installed the newest version of Java JRE.

    Application says that it could not connect to APC PowerChute Business Edition Server. I have also noticed that pbeserver service is not running. When i want to start it manually it says: StartServiceControlDispatcher failed!

    Does anyone know what is wrong? Or does exist some other application to manage my APC?

    Thank you for your advice, Franta.

  • JonPro
    =S= Representative
    Jonathan 7/12/2009 6:24 AM (in response to Franta)

    Hello Franta, welcome to the APC Forums.

    Priot to having PCBE 8.0.1 on your system, would you happen to have previous version of PCBE on it? Also, can you provide the exact model and serial number of your UPS and the exact version of your Windows 2000 Server? If you do have previous version of PCBE did you uninstall all of the components like PCBE Agent, Server and Console?

    The APC PowerChute Business Edition software offers UPS management and monitoring. In order for a certain customer to make some changes on the UPS they need to use that software and for us to prevent unauthorize access and configuration of the UPS we've provided a login page to the customer so that only those persons authorize can make some changes on it. Where are you getting the login problem is it on the PCBE Agent or Server? PCBE Agent can be accessed by opening a web browser and opening the address http://<IP Address>:3052 this can be done on the computer where you installed the agent or on another PC that is on the same network. If you are on the local PC you can also use Once you are on the Agent interface try to login and see if you are getting any error message, if you are looping back on the same screen normally I suggest downloading the latest Java from www.java.com. Have you also tried setting up PCBE on a different computer but same UPS? We would appreciate if you could provide more information regarding your problem.

    You can also manage your UPS by adding another device which is the APC Network Management Card. It enables your UPS to be managed and monitored over the network, instead of connecting the APC Management Cables you just need to provide a network cable and hook it up on the card.

  • Techie
    =S= Representative
    Bala 7/12/2009 10:23 AM (in response to Jonathan)


    The PCBE agent back end service name is APC PBEagent. Try starting this service and see if you get any error message.

    Are you able to access the PCBE agent web interface? If so, Can you see the UPS information without an error through the Agent web interface?

    The PCBE version 8.0.1 Single node version has only the Agent. The PCBE agent is only sufficient to monitor the UPS on your local Computer. The PCBE server and console are used to monitor two or multiple UPSs in a single console page.

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