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NMC2 plus water sensor?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Stuart , 3/15/2017 4:31 PM
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  • stuartk
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    Stuart 3/15/2017 4:31 PM

    I have a UPS in a room which I predict will suffer water incursion.

    Is there a way to leverage the UPS as a platform for detecting water?

    AP9635 UPS NMC2 ... plus ... what?

    Poking around, it seems to me that NMC2 supports temperature & humidity probes ... but not water detection.

    For water detection, I need the NetBotz line.

    Am I correct?   Or is there a way for me to leverage the UPS as a platform for water detection?


  • UnexpectedBill
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    William 3/15/2017 4:37 PM (in response to Stuart)

    There is a dry contact accessory (Model AP9810) available for use with the AP9635. While this does not detect water, it could be connected to something that does, if that something can provide for a contact closure that would be sensed by the AP9635 and the dry contact accessory.

  • Terry_Kennedy
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    Terry 3/27/2017 8:00 AM (in response to William)

    While I have no affiliation with them other than as a customer for over 35 years, I have used Dorlen Products Water Alert units and have been quite pleased with them. The base model looks like a red UFO that you put in a low area. It runs for years on a 9V battery and emits a piercing BEEEP!!! when it detects water. There are various fancier units, some which include the ability to trigger your AP9810. Look for the "Dry contact" feature on the water alert. This is available in conjunction with auxiliary power (in case the battery fails), daisy-chaining units, and so on. These things are incredibly reliable and nearly indestructible - I took some that were left over from a building we vacated in 1982. One of those units was installed in my home in 1994, and despite being under a foot or more of water during the Irene and Sandy hurricanes, continued to work fine (after a good drying-out and a new battery) and a few months ago it started beeping to indicate that my water heater was failing and leaking onto the floor.

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