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PDM1332IEC-3P - APC Power Distribution Module 3x1Pole 3Wire 230v 32A

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Jeff , 5/31/2017 5:41 AM
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  • harrolj
    Novice Novice
    Jeff 5/31/2017 5:41 AM

    We are beginning to see errors with these components.  They are returning phantom error messages claiming that the breakers are open when they are not & then the message clears on the next polling.

    One device in question has been functioning fine for several years with no change to load yet is suddenly starting to alarm & then clear.  The other unit had all load taken from it yet keeps alarming that the breaker is open when it is clearly closed & then clears at the next polling.

    Has anybody had this issue or is there any support for this when it is way out of the 1 year warranty period?  The modules do cost over $1000 dollars to replace.


  • voidstar
    Expert Expert
    voidstar 6/3/2017 1:55 AM (in response to Jeff)

    I think your best bet is to call APC tech support about this. Modular distribution isn't a product most people on this forum have experience with.


    I'm curious what you mean by "polling". For example, are you polling SNMP at a certain interval and seeing the breaker open and then close the next SNMP poll?

    If you want to do some investigating yourself, I'd move the module around to determine whether the problem follows the module, the metering board that the module plugs into (I think each board services 8 slots), or the power supply that powers all of the metering boards in a unit.

  • harrolj
    Novice Novice
    Jeff 6/4/2017 10:39 PM (in response to voidstar)

    Yes as in polling by an SNMP server, in this case (DCE) by Schneider.  At the same time, the module gives off a 'red' fault light & then goes green again.  We have moved the module around & yes the issue is specific to that module.  My point is that it is the second module to fail in 2 weeks so I was seeing if anybody else had experienced the same issue & if there was support past the 1 year warranty date.

    I'll check with support as you suggested.


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