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AP8858 The application you are trying to load is incompatible with the current APC OS. Please verify

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by R , 3/20/2017 4:57 AM
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  • rw950431
    Novice Novice
    R 3/20/2017 4:57 AM

    Have 4x AP8858 PDU's . PDU#1 is connected to the network, the others are daisy-chained off it. Been working perfectly for over 12 months.  Been getting "Communications Lost to RPDU#3" errors for a while but this morning we got a whole swath of error messages "Updating firmware", "Firmware update cancelled" , "No event text" etc.  Initially I was able to login via the web interface but now I get the error "The application you are trying to load is incompatible with the current APC OS. Please verify the correct firmware is loaded." on the web interface and nothing else.   The front panel of PDU#1 is blank but lit up.  The front panel of PDU#3 is frozen (shows text but the text doesnt change and the backlight doesnt light up when you press a button). PDU#2 and PDU#4 seem OK.   The SNMP interface is up but only gives the generic host information - no PDU-specific OID's are available.  (Needless to say we didnt initiate any firmware updates)

    Was able to access it from the command line, so details below:  Can anyone advise me how to regain access?

    E000: Success
    Hardware Factory
    Model Number:           AP8858
    Serial Number:          ZA1411009731
    Hardware Revision:      02
    Manufacture Date:       03/13/2014
    MAC Address:            00 C0 B7 85 12 A5
    Management Uptime:      0 Days 0 Hours 35 Minutes

    Network Management Card
    Model Number:           AP9537
    Serial Number:          ZA1411000XXX
    Hardware Revision:      05
    Manufacture Date:       03/11/2014

    Application Module
    Name:                   rpdu2g
    Version:                v6.0.9
    Date:                   Oct 25 2013
    Time:                   15:46:47

    Name:                   aos
    Version:                v6.1.3
    Date:                   Nov 15 2013
    Time:                   10:40:47

    APC Boot Monitor
    Name:                   bootmon
    Version:                v1.0.5
    Date:                   Aug 20 2013
    Time:                   19:17:02

  • jon_h
    =S= Representative
    Jon 3/20/2017 12:13 PM (in response to R)


    There is a potential issue with the firmware your PDU is currently on.  It is reccomended to upgrade the PDU.  Please reference the following link below:

    http://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA237061/.  If you have issues with trying to upgrade the PDU's it would be reccomended to call into the APC support line.



  • rw950431
    Novice Novice
    R 3/20/2017 11:23 PM (in response to Jon)

    Thanks for that info.  Do you know if its possible to update the daisy-chained units?

  • wpasquil
    =S= Representative
    Bill 3/21/2017 8:02 PM (in response to R)


    We have a FAQ on this subject FA164436. You need to update the host and then the firmware will cascade down the the others. 

  • rw950431
    Novice Novice
      This discussion is marked as answered
    R 3/22/2017 4:44 AM (in response to Bill)

    Updated the firmware to 6.4.6 via the windows updater, worked perfectly but still the web interface showing the same error.  Found this thread with same issues.   There is some discussion that configuring email alerts can cause this (email alerts on my unit had worked fine for a year and hadn't been changed recently).

    Did resetToDef -p keepip  which didnt seem to work initially but then did work after disconnecting the network cable and doing a front-panel reset.

    As Bill said the daisy-chained units updated their firmware from the host once it was up and running.

  • costamm
    New Member New Member
    Mario 4/9/2017 4:27 PM (in response to R)



    In my network i have two models of PDU

    This PDU´s are distribute for several datacenters. My goal is to install a application that allow me to monitoring the PDU.

    In each data center i have a different IP scheme with different LAN´s. ( Please  see the drawing below).

    I have several questions:

    For example, with the  InfraXStructure SW is possible to implement this type of architecture ?

    It is possible to deploy the InfraX in VM ?

    In this architecture what are the ports (UDP/TCP) that I have to open in the FW ?







  • wpasquil
    =S= Representative
    Bill 4/10/2017 12:03 PM (in response to Mario)


    You should post this to http://dcimsupport.apc.com They will be able to assist with you StruxureWare questions. 

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