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apc symmetra Tm-Power Array

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Mehdi , 6 days ago
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  • Kepuska
    Novice Novice
    Mehdi 6 days ago

    Dear all,

    APC  Symmetra Tm, model:SYMSTRF3I do not start even the connection is don according to " manual ". It has  SYPM -power module, SYBATT -battery module ,SYMIM2 -intelligent module. There is "input power" and battery  voltage ,but UPS  can not turned  "ON". As the UPS is not working at all, there is not  any information about fault module or so . Any suggestion  from you  what to do nex!  

  • SymmetraGuru
    =S= Representative
    David 4 days ago (in response to Mehdi)

    Hello Mehdi,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Is the powerview display turning on? If so, what is the message you get when you go into the Control menu and attempt to turn the output power on? You said there is battery voltage--did you get that from the display or did you measure with a volt meter? What voltage are you seeing from the battery? Anything under 85 volts dc would prevent the unit from turning on. You could still force output power by flipping the maintenance bypass switch. Also make sure the System Enable switch is on and the circuit breaker on the UPS is closed. 

    What caused this unit to be off? Was there a power outage? Did you move the unit to a new location? Acquire the unit from someone else and you're just installing it?


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