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SmartUPS 2200XL wrong wattage in gapcmon??

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Jeff , 3/1/2017 8:09 PM
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  • JayArr
    Novice Novice
    Jeff 3/1/2017 8:09 PM

    Hi All

    I put new batteries in two weeks ago to correct the all flashing battery graph and it didn't fix it so today I ran the calibration and it seems to be taking, that's one problem fixed but I noticed it's not reporting the wattage correctly.

    DATE     : 2017-03-01 12:02:06 -0800  
    HOSTNAME : localhost.localdomain
    VERSION  : 3.14.12 (29 March 2014) redhat
    UPSNAME  : localhost.localdomain
    CABLE    : USB Cable
    DRIVER   : USB UPS Driver
    UPSMODE  : Stand Alone
    STARTTIME: 2017-03-01 11:14:27 -0800  
    MODEL    : Smart-UPS 2200 RM XL
    LINEV    : 116.6 Volts
    LOADPCT  : 58.5 Percent
    BCHARGE  : 66.0 Percent
    TIMELEFT : 9.0 Minutes
    MBATTCHG : 5 Percent
    MINTIMEL : 3 Minutes
    MAXTIME  : 0 Seconds
    OUTPUTV  : 116.6 Volts
    SENSE    : Low
    DWAKE    : -1 Seconds
    DSHUTD   : 180 Seconds
    LOTRANS  : 106.0 Volts
    HITRANS  : 127.0 Volts
    RETPCT   : 0.0 Percent
    ITEMP    : 23.8 C
    ALARMDEL : 30 Seconds
    BATTV    : 54.8 Volts
    LINEFREQ : 60.0 Hz
    LASTXFER : No transfers since turnon
    NUMXFERS : 0
    TONBATT  : 0 Seconds
    CUMONBATT: 0 Seconds
    STESTI   : 7 days
    STATFLAG : 0x05000008
    MANDATE  : 2006-04-22
    SERIALNO : JS0617037870
    BATTDATE : 2017-02-14
    NOMOUTV  : 120 Volts
    NOMBATTV : 48.0 Volts
    FIRMWARE : 690.16.D USB FW:7.2
    END APC  : 2017-03-01 12:02:59 -0800  

    The problem is that gapcmon is reporting the wattage as 351 of 600 Watts. The ratio is about right since apcstatus reports load at 58.5 percent but why is it incorrectly reporting 600Watts instead of 2200?

  • liamg
    =S= Representative
    Liam 3/16/2017 2:43 PM (in response to Jeff)

    We don't directly support gapcmon, but if you have the ability to terminal into the UPS using a serial connection we could verify whether or not the UPS is providing the proper data. You would need an APC Smart Signaling serial cable (#940-0024 or #940-1524) and a computer running a terminal app such as HyperTerminal. Given that your UPS is 10 years old and does not have upgradable  firmware, there would not be anything we could do if it is reporting incorrect data, but you would at least know that it is the UPS and not the software.

    Either way, this is a cosmetic issue and would not affect the performance of the UPS.

  • JayArr
    Novice Novice
    Jeff 6/7/2017 1:50 AM (in response to Liam)

    OK, Life is busy and I just got around to pulling that rack and installing the proper cable.

    Now when I connect with the terminal it will respond SM (to Y)

    J returns 013 - That's got to be wrong, 13 minutes on a fresh set of batteries?

    1-1 returns PROG and 0 returns a battery contant of 65.

    Can anyone tell me the correct Battery constant for an SUA2200RMXL3U?


  • JayArr
    Novice Novice
    Jeff 6/7/2017 5:00 PM (in response to Jeff)

    Hi All

    I talked to Advanced Tech Support and my Battery Constant was supposed to be 81. I managed to change mine without bricking my unit and now my run time is 21 minutes which is more in line with what I expected. If you're not familiar with terminals, serial ports and RS232 I wouldn't recommend trying to change it yourself.

    Thanks APC/Schneider - great customer service!

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