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Issues with the master outlet

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Norman , 6 days ago
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  • Npotter
    New Member New Member
    Norman 6 days ago


    I just purchased a Bx1500g last night, and after plugging my PC into the master outlet my monitor into one of the slave outlets i had display output issues.

    Basically the system will boot and will display perfectly fine through the boot process, but once it displays the desktop it is garbled. Plugging the pc into a different port solves this issue entirely, but obviously does not allow use of the eco mode as intended

    Edit: forgot to add that this issue occurs whether eco mode is on or not

  • wpasquil
    =S= Representative
    Bill 6 days ago (in response to Norman)


    Sorry for the inconvenience. What happens when you plug the monitor into one of the surge only outlets not a controlled by outlet? Also, what type of monitor do you have and what is the voltage the PC is drawing?

  • Npotter
    New Member New Member
    Norman 6 days ago (in response to Bill)

    I have not tried plugging the display into a surge only outlet, but I have connected it directly to the wall outlet and the problem persists. 

    It is a 32 inch led LCD Asus display, which draws about 52w the total draw from the display and the PC under normal loads (ex. full screen HD youtube ) is 90-100w while idling on the desktop (where the issue is beginning to occur) is only around 65w according to the display on the UPS. The PC under full GPU and CPU load draws about 400w, but it does not approach this while booting or idling, and displays normally throughout the boot process which draws higher loads than idle.

  • SecretSquirrel
    Secret Squirrel
    =S= Representative
    Secret Squirrel 5 days ago (in response to Norman)

    Hi Norman,

    I must admit that this is a new one for me. While the the BX1500G is online and accepting utility power, it does nothing more than pass this power directly through to the outlets. I would recommend contact your local technical support for continued troubleshooting. This may infact be an issue with the unit.

    Secret Squirrel

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