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UPS electric door

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by farzad , 13 days ago
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  • farzad
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    farzad 13 days ago
    Today, electric doors can be seen everywhere. In offices, companies, factories, banks, pharmacies, stores, clinics and almost everywhere. The reason why these doors are widespread is that they are smart and relatively small and that they are not too complicated. Automatic doors are very easy to navigate and can always be monitored and locked by a remote operator. Of course, as with any other electric appliance, the electric door also has a power outage problem.
    In some types of shutter doors, this problem is solved by the door manufacturer itself, and a UPS number is mounted on a motorboat that is connected to the city's power supply, such as normal UPSs, when power outages or fluctuations The intense voltage of the voltage immediately enters the circuit and completes the open or closed operation of the door. Of course, not all manufacturers of electric doors can do this.
    In this case, using an UPS and adding it to the electric door set solves this problem. In this case, the power of the door motor and the number of hours of storage should be considered. Generally, for motors below 1000 watts, select a UPS 1000 or better at 2000 Watts (Volt Amps). It's always good to have at least 20% more battery power.

    Power Door Power Door Time
    The storage time with this method is about 2 hours. If the area used is definite or prolonged, it is best to select the UPS power factor 2 times.
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