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PC shutting off while plugged into BackUPS ES 750 battery outlets

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Rick , 8/11/2009 1:09 AM
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  • trooper11
    New Member New Member
    Rick 8/11/2009 1:09 AM

    Hey everyone, Ive run into an issue with my BackUPS ES 750 unit. Ive only had it for a few months and up until today, its been working flawlessly (switched over to battery a few times for short intervals and worked like a charm). Today, my pc started to just shut off after only a couple of minutes. After some testing, I narrowed it down to happening only if the pc is plugged into one of the battery outlets on the APC. If I move it to the surge outlets, it runs fine. Ive had this pc plugged into the battery outlets the whole time up to this point, so it isnt a new addition.

    The light on the apc stays a solid green the whole time this happens, not reacting as if it has switched to battery or anything. I also have my monitor on a battery backup outlet and it remains on when the pc shuts off, so the issue seems limited to the pc. I also tried unplugging the apc from the wall and letting it just run on battery. I then plugged the pc back into a battery outlet and ran it. It seemed to run a little longer, but it shut off after a short time (there was still about 10 minutes left before shut down indicated by the PowerChute software). Looking at the log in PowerChute shows nothing out of the ordinary just before the crash.

    The PC is using a Seasonic SS-430HB power supply (430W Active PFC) and I did read about the PFC issue these units can have, so Im wondering if that could be causing this. If it is, then its obvious that this apc is inadequit for the pc right? The only reason I would question that is since it has handled the pc fine for months and only now shows an issue. Can this problem occur after a time or would this issue happen immediately usually? Im trying to rule out that the apc is defective for whatever reason. If it is a PFC issue, would I be right in assuming that I would need to get a back up unit capable of handling ~540W? (430x1.25)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Techie
    =S= Representative
    Bala 8/11/2009 8:54 AM (in response to Rick)


    I assume that you are using the BE750G(Back UPS ES 750) UPS to protect your PC and Monitor. Let me collect some more information from you to understand what is going on with the UPS. How long does the UPS run the PC after it is started? Is the PC hard shutting down or shutting down gracefully? What is the UPS runtime showing on software? If possible, could you please perform a pull plug test again and provide us the result?

    1. Please make sure that the PC and Monitor are plugged into the battery backup outlets(FYI..Master Controlled outlets are not Battery outlets).
    2. Stimulate a Power Failure by unplugging the UPS from the wall.
    3. And then check if the PC works fine when the UPS transfers from On line to On Battery.

    The BE750G UPS can support up to 450 Watts / 750 VA on the battery backup outlets. If the equipment connected to the UPS exceeds its capacity, it will be overloaded. If it is overloaded, the unit will emit a constant beep with Solid Power On LED-ON.

    Secondly, I always refer the below document to our Customers in order to size proper UPS for Computers with active PFC Power Supplies.

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