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4 Port USB hub model 19500SG-1G

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by John , 3/30/2010 4:32 AM
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  • bakes99
    Novice Novice
    John 3/30/2010 4:32 AM

    Just purchased this USB hub and did not come with any instructions. The online instructions state the same model #, but appears to be quite different looking hub than the one I received.

    This one comes with a power adapter. In the instructions it states that an orange light appears when the hub is receiving power from the power source at the correct level. Mine does not light up orange at any time. Just a red light when power is reaching the unit. The red light will illuminate whether the AC adapter is plugged in or not, as long as the USB adapter is plugged into my macbook. I can unplug the ac adapter and the red light will remain on. I assume that its drawing all its power from my Macbook at this point.

    My questions are, is there any way to tell if the unit is drawing all its power from the adapter or if its drawing any from my Macbook.

    Getting a new Imac. When I put my Imac to sleep, do I have to disconnect the USB hub or can I leave it plugged in. If I leave it plugged in, will it still draw power from my Imac especially when the Imac wakes up or will it totally rely on the included adapter.
    That's about it
    Thanks in advance

  • buzz
    =S= Representative
    Laurie 4/6/2010 5:24 PM (in response to John)

    Yes, the hub can draw power from your computer. It has the adapter because, depending on what you plug into the hub, it may not be able to draw enough power from a single USB port on your computer. For example, 4 USB mice will work fine but I doubt 4 USB scanners would.

    There isn't really any way to tell where it's drawing its power from since it's more a matter of what you're plugging into the hub. If you have it plugged into your computer only and it's powering everything on the hub fine, then it's drawing all of the power from the computer. If the devices in the hub aren't powering on, then you need to use the adapter to support those devices.

    I'm not sure about the power settings on the iMac in terms of sleep mode. I know my PC will pass power through the USB ports in sleep mode, even when it's turned off - enough to charge a cell phone anyway - but no idea what Mac does for power settings. I don't see why you would need to disconnect it from your computer either way. Depending on what you're most concerned about, I would probably just leave the hub's adapter plugged in, assuming you're connecting enough devices to require it.

    Hope that helps. :)

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