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more questions from netbotz novice!

Discussion in NetBotz Hardware & Software started by gordib259 , 8/14/2003 10:02 AM
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  • gordib259
    New Member New Member
    gordib259 8/14/2003 10:02 AM

    Hi All,

    whilst i play and and configure my new wallbotz 500 appliance i have a few more questions that i hope you can help me with. Thanks to Matt who has already been of great help in my
    previous post.

    Okay here goes, apologies now for the quick fire format of the questions below!!!

    1. Backup - the backup file that is produced as a save of the configuration - can this file
    be viewed in any way or is it just for use as input to the Restore function? Also can the
    backup be scheduled at all or must it be run manually?
    I guess this isn't really that important as once my kit is up and running the way i want it
    then the config shouldn't change all that much.

    2. XML files which are uploaded to my ftp server when an alert occurs - can these files be
    read at all ( when i try to open them all i get is the code - should i be getting more from
    these files?)

    3. The stream audio button on the camera view - how does this work - does it stream live audio
    from my monitored area to my pc?

    4. In the alerts view window - how far back do the alerts go - how long are they stored for in this window?

    5. OGG audio files which are uploaded to my ftp server - how do i open these?

    6. O/S upgrades and firmware upgrades to the appliances - do these happen and if so how?

    Hmm, think that's it for now!!


  • Matt
    Apprentice Apprentice
    Matt 8/14/2003 4:33 PM (in response to gordib259)


    1. The backup cannot be viewed it is stored in an encrypted form. This is to prevent the potential of others from viewing some of the information that you may not want them to see. There is no scheduled backup from the GUI for the reason you stated, since the configuration state usually will not change once set. If needed it can be performed using a URL command, which would need a script to schedule and make the command call for you. If you are interested in this I’ll get the information and add to this thread.

    2. You can view the XML in your browser depending on the version browser. See this site for more information on XML. [http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_view.asp]

    3. Yes each camera has an internal microphone and external microphone plug. The camera is shipped with a “dummy” plug in the external microphone which disables the microphone until it is removed. The audio will play on the PC that your console is running on when the Camera View is selected. Please read the legal warning information about the use of the microphone function in the user documentation.

    4. The Alert View will display up to 24 hours worth of alerts up to 200 alerts. Active alerts will always be displayed in the log and listed first. Alerts that have Returned to Normal will be rolled off the log based on age. Since picture, graph and audio information in the alerts use a substantial amount of data they will be removed from the alert logs, oldest first. There is approximately 60 MB worth of Picture, Graph and Audio data total that can be store. (So if you capture very long clips of camera motion you will only see a few of the latest alerts that will have the picture and audio data).

    5. These can be opened with various media players Winamp3, Windows media player with the proper plug-in and probably sonique. I use Winamp, which can be downloaded from there site [http://www.winamp.com/.] To enable OGG in windows media player you need to install a directshow filter for it. Here's a couple of links for them:
    [http://www.vorbis.com/files/1.0/tobias/OggDS0995.exe] and [http://mediaxw.sourceforge.net/.]

    6. The appliance firmware and console application can and will have upgrades to them as bug fixes and features are added to the product. This is done using the Configuration->Upgrade function Hit the Check NetBotz Website to see if there are any later versions available. We just put version 2.02 out there so you should see the checkboxes enabled, this release is mainly for enabling the model 500s to be supported by the NetBotz Central product. If you are running 2.0 versions you should upgrade since the picture quality was improved from 2.0 to 2.01. We will be adding a registration to the NetBotz website to be able to receive Email notifications for any upgrades for the products. I will post a note when that is available.


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